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mike OP wrote

Oh definitely, especially things like finding the values you need sitting around in the zero page at power on.

Really nice examples of the way you need to think about this stuff though, when memory is strictly limited.


mike wrote

I think I spent too much time wrestling with DOS professionally to get nostalgic about it now.

I do fondly remember my single boot floppy setup that contained a very lean startup environment that included drivers for 2 or 3 network cards and enough TCP/IP to get onto my home network and map a drive to my server though.


mike OP wrote

I think as a kid I had an over-inflated trust in some people. I remember asking a guy who worked at a computer shop where I bought games about how to start with machine code, which I'd seen a reference to in one of my books.

Looking back, I don't think he knew anything much and he confused me further. But in my mind he knew everything because HE HAD A SHOP!

I think that just led to a few more years of not pushing at the topic, until I was about 15 or so and actually met and spent time with someone who actually knew some stuff and who introduced me to the right tools for the job.