My favorite website for *useful* DOS software

Submitted by ajroach42 in retrocomputing

I always loose this link after a few months, so I try to spread it as far as I can when I rediscover it, so that it's easier to rediscover next time.

This is a massive collection of productivity applications for DOS. I mostly use these with my Omnibook 300 and my HP 200 LX, and as I do, I lament that neither has seen a viable replacement.

Use the dropdown menu to navigate. Everything is very well cataloged. I wish every website was this well organized.


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mike wrote

I think I spent too much time wrestling with DOS professionally to get nostalgic about it now.

I do fondly remember my single boot floppy setup that contained a very lean startup environment that included drivers for 2 or 3 network cards and enough TCP/IP to get onto my home network and map a drive to my server though.